Thursday, May 13, 2021



The ‘RTW rally continues into 2024!

(ADV RALLY NEWS: April 2, 2024 - over 281,000 looks at this blog! "... a classic read" says on Facebook)

Some rally entrants had to halt their adventures in 2020 due to COVID and country border closures or visa expirations. Others escaped before borders and airports were closed, jetted to larger geographic areas to explore. Some became extremely creative, moving themselves and gear, sans motorcycles, to further points where they bought, rented or borrowed motorcycles to continue.

For 2020, one example was # 9 exiting SE Asia a day before flights were cancelled and airports and borders closed, to continue adventuring, like to the Annual Sturgis Bike Rally – “Screw Covid!”  As # 9 entrant said about attending in 2021, "Nope, 2020's 10 minutes was enough.  I only stopped long enough for a few photos, didn't even buy a T-shirt."

Another entrant, # 69, has been using his time to finish his BMW/HPN conversion, while using his alternate BMW to explore and adventure in the western USA. Meanwhile he is also off-roading in the wilds of America with a Honda conversion:

September 1 finds # 69 in Spain, roaming Europe!


In November, 2020, a global Zoom meeting, celebrating the birthday of 40 Years of the BMW G/S and GS models, was sponsored by BMW North America in conjunction with Bob’s BMW in Jessup, Maryland, and one rally entrant was one of the six presenters, which included Hans Muth, who designed the original G/S model in 1979:

For 2021 some rally touch points were:

May, 27-31, 2021, the BMW 49er Rally, Mariposa, California USA,  sponsored by the BMW Motorcycle Club Of Northern California, where Dr. G will be doing book signings and giving two lectures on motorcycle adventure touring six times around the world as a “Motorcycle Adventure Junkie.”

June 24-27, 2021, the BMWMOA National Rally, Great Falls, Montana USA, will see some rally entrants schmoozing and laughing while being entertained with tales of “What To Do When Your Motorcycle Adventure Pal Goes Sideways.”

Another rally entrant, observing social distancing, plans to tag what was reported in 2019 to be the smallest incorporated town in the USA (population of 1) and do research in Rudy’s Library. See photo below entering the town of Monowi, Nebraska on the annual Ride To Work Day (, seriously social distancing in an incorporated town with a population of 1.

A new policy was initiated in 2020 to enhance the vetting process for the selection of honorable and honest applicants, as much of the success of the rally is on the honor system, needing motorcyclists of high moral quality.

More rally activities will be posted later in 2021 and into 2024.