Friday, December 1, 2023


A new entrant for 2023, # 21 (in honor of German motorcycle racing legend Walter Zeller), had opted for a BMW R100GS for his rally motorcycle of choice.

He found the Trans Euro Trail circling around Europe not to his liking, saying it was “too defined,” and thought the Trans America Trail would be more of a challenge.  Instead, he found the route across America cluttered and congested with vehicles ranging from RVs to “hoards of ATVs, bicyclists and hikers.”

#21 decided to attempt the lessor known and more remote Texas Trail from Texas to Montana, a trail well off the beaten path.


He stopped at the world headquarters for The Great Around The World Motorcycle Adventure Rally to contribute to the named "Nevermore Pissoir." The inverted motorcycle helmet gained fame after it was featured in an edition of MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS. The helmet had been left at the headquarters by Richard C. Livermore, a limited public figure. Livermore was later nicknamed Dick See Nevermore (reference is earlier EPILOGUE - REFLECTIONS AND LESSONS LEARNED – posted October 31, 2017). The garden pissoir has been urinated into by over 100 global travelers to date, their contributing to the perception of  Nevermore having a major amount of motorcycling adventurer moral poverty.


Camping along The Texas Trail ranged from inexpensive Mom and Pop type motels to tent camping in small city parks. Pictured below, # 21 spent an enjoyable evening tent camping with an advanced fellow adventure motorcyclist.


Upon completing The Texas Trail, # 21 was asked why he did not digitally record his route and post it on the Internet to ease travel by future fellow travelers. His reply was, “On my motorcycle I discovered and explored much of this back road route. It’s remoteness and being less traveled is what made it an adventurer's challenge and interesting, not it’s publicity.”

[Saul Bishop researched and authored from Frazier's Road Notes and posted the above in December, 2023.  It was not created by Artificial Intelligence, and therefore can be explained any errors and omissions.]