A true motorcycle adventure, not a ghost written travel tale expounded upon by a paid writer never having experienced the hardships and dangers of riding around the world in 1912-1913. THE GASOLINE TRAMP is a motorcycle adventurer’s reflection of the world from atop a motorcycle after he had time to digest one of the world’s greatest motorized accomplishments. Carl Stearns Clancy took the time to edit some of his own earlier magazine articles, then added commentary and hoped to have THE GASOLINE TRAMP published. Sadly, the book gathered dust until MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURER was published in 2010. Through some twists and turns in the publishing world, THE GASOLINE TRAMP was published in 2013.
Both books, MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURER, and THE GASOLINE TRAMP should be read if the motorcyclist is a motorcycle aficionado of travel and seeker of adventurer. Each book offers tips and reflections of the psyche that makes an adventure dreamer or seeker an adventurer. Clancy, who started his 10 month motorcycle ride around the world at age 21, proudly says at the end of THE GASOLINE TRAMP, “I started a boy, I had come back a man,” a statement not seen in MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURER. 
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 About Author

Writer – Carl Stearns Clancy
Clancy was born in 1890. At age 21, he and 32 year-old Walter Rendell Storey, began the first attempt to circle the globe on two Henderson motorcycles, leaving New York in October, 1912. Storey abandoned the adventure in Paris and returned to the USA. With grit, gumption, commitment and determination, Clancy continued onward alone, submitting reports and images of his epic journey to a bicycle and motorcycle magazine. During his incredible 18,000 mile, 10 month adventure on a 7-horsepower, four cylinder Henderson motorcycle, he transited Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. Clancy became a well respected script writer, film director/producer and eventually made documentaries for the U.S. Forest Service. One of his earlier and best known productions, The Headless Horseman, was done in conjunction with the famed film star Will Rogers. Clancy is credited as being the first motorcyclist to circumnavigate the globe, 1912-1913.